Background to our special day


Our 10 year anniversary is coming up November 16th, I want to give a background on why having a vow renewal is so important to me and our families.

We never had a wedding, yes we said the “I do” and the “promise to..” vows, but we said them in front of a judge in a nasty courtroom with 3 people (besides ourselves and the judge) present. I can’t even tell you what we wore, but I know it was on November 16, 2017- there’s a signed marriage license to remind us.

How did we get to that point…. let’s back up….

I was just shy of 17 when a very special someone passed away, it hurt, and still does. I went a little crazy, a little wild… drugs, sex, alcohol… like I said, wild. Then an angel came to me in the form of a little girl growing inside me… I had to take care of her, she couldn’t be hurt because of me. So the craziness stopped and a marriage to her father was the right move for me and her. We made it work, him still in high school and me working full time- I quit school during my wild time. Her father and I went through some hard times, and fun ones. Then chose to bring another little one into the world 4 years later- a handsome son. But the hard times took over the good ones and we could not make it work very long after that handsome little guy was introduced to the world. I then became a single mother of 2 while he reverted to his young man antics- no blame, no shame. Then came a stallion wearing glasses…

Out having fun dancing one night I decided I was due a wild, stupid choices night, this glasses wearing stallion was who I chose to make a stupid choice with…. but it turned out not so bad. We stayed up until sunrise talking and getting to know each other. That “no strings attached” night turned into something a whole lot more.

Side story time: one night while laying in each other’s arms stallion makes a comment that he is sick of girls with kids. He goes on in this long speech about why, then got his foot shoved deep into his throat- I had 2. He didn’t need to know that before, we weren’t serious.

6 months later he was introduced to my kiddos- when he was ready and I was too, when we knew something was coming out of this “no strings attached” fun times. We moved in together shortly after and started to plan a wedding. We decided it was going to be a destination one- it was his first and my first true love wedding. The reservations were made and down payments made, THE dress was chosen and purchased, the engagement pictures were taken, etc, etc- it was going to be amazing and beautiful. But then I started undergoing some tests that were costing this single mom a whole lot- that stallion stepped up and said “let’s get married”. It would allow me to get health insurance through him and help out. We would do it secretly, no one would know. Then we could continue with our wedding plans and act like we were never married. Until… the news got out.

On November 16, 2007 we married in front of a judge with 3 people present- his best friend and wife, and my mom- so how did the news get out. Follow me here… my mom told my dad, my dad told a co-worker, and that co-worker told my ex-husband- who then decided to make a huge deal out of it and proceed to tell the world- including our 7 year old daughter- feelings were hurt, not just hurt, destroyed on both sides of our family. The excitement of the wedding vanished, and it was canceled.

10 years has passed and we still love each other deeply. We brought another little handsome guy into the world. We have been through multiple separations and relocations due to my hubby being active duty with the USAF. I have put my career and education on the back burner along with my dreams and wishes. But not anymore…

It’s time for me to wear that dress, say “I do” in front of all our family and friends, and have our children there to witness our vows. We originally planned to have it in Puerto Rico- why not? It’s gorgeous and cheap travel, plus we would get our destination wedding. But again, the military changed that decision with another relocation- we are completely ok with this one- Florida! Not just any part of Florida- the Emerald Coast! So now the wedding is on in at the beautiful beaches of where we live.

Let the planning begin….

*If you would like to help fund our special day, please visit our gofundme page:  Fund our 10 Year Vow Renewal

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