Freelancing contd…

My success…. so far…


I feel as if I have been very fortunate so far with my freelancing hunt. Upwork has been a great find. I currently am working with 4 people now. 2 Mental Health providers, 1 researcher, and the newest is for a Podcast/Entrepreneur. The pay is not equal to what I was making working in the “real world”, but being home with the boys while getting ready for school and not commuting (plus paying for gas) has made it worth it.

Through Upwork I have now been accepted into their Premium Freelancer program…. I took some skills tests that included a video of myself in a mock interview. This apparently means I should be at the “top” of a client’s list when I submit a proposal or they are searching for a freelancer. With that though has definitely come some fake invitations. I’m learning how to spot them though… the biggest flag is when they invite me to a “google hangout” and give me a code to submit for an interview- decline that invite. Otherwise I have not seen a difference with the “premium” program, but then again I haven’t really been looking for more work.


Working on these projects so far has taught me even more about time management. Advice I would give to anyone starting out it to start small- one project at a time. You can always add more to your desk load later. The research project I am working on doesn’t interfere too much with the other projects, I work on it in the evenings or on the weekend. The main reason I chose this particular research project was because of it’s topic- healthcare and the options for uninsured in a particular demographic location. The project leader has a great idea that intrigues me and I would like to be a part of as it develops, but it is also benefiting me personally as it is in my career field. So, I enjoy working on this project in my “down” time. I haven’t started working on the podcast project, but in talking with him I also feel confident in adding it to my workload. His podcast is intriguing to me- I will link you to him later 🙂

But for now…. get organized! Have a calendar handy and ready. Understand your computer and its many options that will allow you to separate your work for each project/contract- folders, drives, desktops, multiple monitors (a definite plus!), video chats, microphones- all of these are musts!

On a side note I am starting to dabble into affiliate marketing…… that world is huge!!!


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