Cloudy Florida Days

Is it normal to enjoy gloomy days


Am I a dreary person because I like cloudy days? Maybe, maybe not. I'm ok with either.

So much to talk about. I should probably not wait this long without writing again, but honestly it has been kind of busy- which like cloudy Florida days, I am ok with it.

So let's give an introduction to my week…

First things first- where I left off Saturday- on the road to New Orleans….. it has been 14 years since I was last in this beautiful city. Sadly, it is not near as beautiful as I remember it to be. As we drove through downtown, it was horrible to see so many abandoned buildings. I'm not talking only little buildings with ghostly characteristics, there were skyscrapers boarded and empty. Bourbon Street was not even accessible and the homeless population (adults and kids) was abundant. The only place that we saw beautification processes was by the airport. Otherwise, the impression we left with was not a good one. Our drive there was absolutely horrible too as we sat in two lane bumper to bumper traffic going 35mph for 2 hours through Alabama/Mississippi. Not sure we will make that trip again….

Onward and upward…. freelancing… I now have 3 contracts 🙂 2 of them are with mental health providers in 2 different parts of the country. Not very many hours with either of them, but they are a start. Why I chose them… they are on the medical field which is ultimate long term career, I love the satisfaction that comes with helping my patients understand the paperwork side of their care (another blog to come about that). It is also what I am finishing my degree in- Healthcare Management. The other reason I am super excited about these two contracts is they give me a chance to learn more about the virtual assistant world of healthcare while working part time- sort of building my experience while figuring out of it is something I truly want to keep working hard for. The third contract I have is doing some research for a guy that is building an app. The app he is building will give people the opportunity to have a one stop shopping experience for health insurance- pretty neat.

This week also started football practices for my two boys. It amazes me how talented kids are and how as parents we can steer them in directions to use that talent. It's also fascinating to watch and listen to parents reliving their younger years through their children.

And then there's me… I have been a roller coaster this week of emotions. I feel confident then I feel defeated. So I've been doing some reading to help me balance out.

So enough with introductions let's break it down with some more in depth conversation on individual topics- let's not bore people that don't want to read about everything with reading everything….

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